OB2 is a High Definition OB vehicle based on a VW LT46 chassis.

OB2 can support up to 6 x 1080 camera channels. We’ve opted for an HD Broadcast Pix Mica Vision Mixer which integrates video and file-based sources.

Audio is mixed via a 48 track Yamaha DM1000 Digital mixer.

OB2 has been built to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of Broadcast Television. The air-conditioned unit provides a streamlined facility which has the capability of covering any light broadcast application accommodating a full production team with 5 seated positions and space for 2 standing.

To complement the facilities provided by OB2 we also offer a selection of standard and specialist lenses with full remotes. Jimmy Jib, Steadicam rigs, robotic cameras and track & dolly can also be supplied. Up to 6 VTRs of any digital format, EVS & various graphics solutions are also available along with full engineering, monitoring and communication facilities. Satellite and microwave links are available on request.

OB2 is supplied with a rigger/driver and a guarantee engineer. Beyond this you can supply your own crew or we can provide further crew members who are familiar with the unit and have many broadcast credits.