Single Camera

As well as our multi-camera facilities, AdVision’s single camera unit is available for location filming.

We provide an experienced Lighting Camera Operator and Sound Recordist with a full range of equipment. Our in-house format is XDCAM but other broadcast formats are available on request, including 4K. Our standard kit provides all the necessary tools to record your production, but optional extras are available. These include steadicams, lenses, micro-cameras, dolly and track, jibs, grips and extra audio facilities.

Lighting Cameraman and kit, comprising:

XDCam PMW-500 Digital Camcorder
Canon Standard and wide angle lenses
Vinten Vision 100 Tripod
Location monitor
Lighting – 6 x LED panels with adjustable colour temperature

Sound Recordist and kit, comprising:

SQN 4S Location Sound Stereo Mixer
Sennheiser 416 boom kit with windshield
Sennheiser Radio Mics (Tie Clip / Handheld)
Sony ECM77 Wired Tie Clip Mics